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The online world has levelled the playing fields all business owners. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or established business, small or large, promoting your business online is simple and easy. You just need to know where to start!

So to help you get started here are 14 helpful tips to assist you get started promoting your business online.

1: Start a blog to help with promoting your online business

A blog can help your business in so many ways! It enables you to showcase your expertise, offer value to your customers and serves as a way to increase your SEO. Sharing your blog posts is a great way to aid in promoting your business online too.

2: Use social media

If you’re looking for tips to promoting your business online, one of the top ones is using social media. You need to be on the social media platforms that your ideal customers are on, and you also need to be visible. Look to sharing your blog posts on there, along with other curated content and posts that engage and entertain.

3: Update your website if you’re looking to promote your business

A blog will help keep your SEO and website fresh, but you’ll also need to update your website regularly. This can be as simple as updating your offers and switching out your lead magnet. It can also involve refreshing the content and graphics on your main pages.

4: Build your own mailing list – promoting your business online to warm leads

Promoting your goods and services to those people who are already interested is an excellent way of promoting your business. It’s why you need your own mailing list – you’re collecting warm leads and nurturing them until they’re ready to buy from you. If you are new to email marketing and building your own mailing list MailerLite is a good reference point to look at.

5: Embrace video

Video is so attractive on most of the platforms, so it needs to be part of your promotional activities. Put video on your own website, social media platforms and YouTube.

6: Optimise for SEO

If you’re writing a blog, use an SEO plugin (like Yoast SEO) to make this easier for you. Regularly research keywords, phrases for your ideal audience and ensure you’re using them within your content.

7: Opt for online advertising

There are so many cost-effective advertising solutions online. With choices such as social media, YouTube, Pinterest and Google, you have a wide range of options available to try out.

8: Remember your email signature – the easiest way to promote your business online

So often overlooked, your email signature is an essential part of promoting yourself online! Use a free email signature creator (such as WiseStamp) to create great-looking email signatures for your business. 

9: Build trust with reviews

Whether you’re asking for reviews on your Facebook page, Recommendations on LinkedIn or use sites like TrustPilot for your reviews – social proof goes a long way. It helps you build trust and showcase how great your business is. 

10: Make use of communities 

Use the different communities you have at your disposal. There’s Facebook and Linkedin groups, online forums, and networking communities you’re a part of – they’re all excellent ways to help promote your business. You can promote your business within them, ask for referrals and even offer affiliate and joint venture opportunities if you like.

11: Podcasting to promote your business online

With the use of Podcasting you can extend your audience engagement. Podcasting can be a mixture of news relating to your business, hints & tips, guest interviews etc. For those new to Podcasting, which I something which I am investigating at the moment for Witts End Business Services.

A good starting point if you are thinking of starting a Podcast for your business is https://anchor.fm/ – The Easiest Way to Make a Podcast.

12: Useful Website with Free Information/Resources

A really find, a really useful website Start Your Own Business with plenty of free resources and information for anyone starting their own business. There is also the option for a free business listing in your own area.

The online world has levelled the playing field for all businesses. Use the tips for promoting your business online, for ensuring you’re making the most of all the opportunities available to your business.

13: Create a Free Business Profile

Create your own free Business Profile using Google My Business . This enables customers to search for your business via Google Search and also on maps, if you have visible shopfront or service. Your own Google My Business page assists with SEO, enables you to upload photos, updates, details of your products and services. An added benefit is that people can leave you a free Google Review, which again helps with your general SEO.

14: Be Part of Small Business Saturday

As the owner of a small business you can register your business and get involved with Small Business Saturday Your business can be registered on the Small Business Finder via the Small Business Saturday Website.

If you’d like help implementing the above promotional activities. I can help you cut down on the growing to-do list, by taking on your social media, secretarial and business administrative tasks – so get in touch and let’s discuss your needs. Email: Hello@wittsendbusinessservices.co.uk