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What prompted me to write this blog on Community Support Through Lockdown, was an earlier on entitled entitled Building Strong Connections in the Local Community

One thought that occurred to me the other day. In life there are certain things we have done, that have gone well or not so well. The particular example I was referring to was my work in supporting my local Chamber of Commerce.

Even with the advent of Lockdown, there are still opportunities to support your local business community. As a person I feel it is important to maintain a presence, not only with your own business. but also, with those that you support as part of your work.     

Community Presence

This is particularly relevant in supporting the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce . Throughout Lockdown the Chamber has kept a presence and has been in touch with the local business community by Newsletter and via normal social media channels.  In Lockdown 1 our local MP held a call for businesses in the local area.

One particularly aspect of my work in supporting the local community, is the organisation of events for the Chamber.  Just prior to Lockdown we held an extremely successful Recruitment Event for the local business community with four different speakers from an HR business background, an Employment Lawyer, a speaker on Employee Retention and two representatives from a global recruitment company.  The aim behind the event was to help local businesses with recruitment and employee retention.

The organisation of the event and contact with the local businesses I found extremely rewarding. Not only from the practical side of things, but the whole concept from the initial idea, planning, logistics, communication with the attendees and hosting the event and knowing that it was well received from those attending.

Now that we find ourselves now in a second Lockdown again it is important for support to be there for those businesses, especially those in your local community and retailers as the High Street has been certainly been affected with the pandemic and Lockdown, despite the help that has been given by the government.

Community Networking Opprtunities

As a business owner there is plenty of help for businesses, one of my go to organisations is the Federation of Small businesses who host numerous networking events and have some excellent information and assistance on their website. https://www.fsb.org.uk/

Since Lockdown 1 I have joined another networking group The Cobra Club (https://thecobraclub.co.uk/) where there is real atmosphere of support and and assistance amongst its members. Worth visiting their website.

Things will no doubt be different for everyone in some way or another, but Witts End Business Services will be here to help and support any business owner who needs assistance.

Please do get in touch if I can be of any help or assistance moving forward.

Email: Hello@wittsendbusinessservices.co.uk