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No matter what type of business you run,  data protection and confidentiality in business of your client information has to be your top priority.  With strict regulations, it’s essential that you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information.  This is so you can adhere to the legal and ethical requirements of those requirements.

Here at Witts End Business Services, we take client data and confidentiality seriously.  We understand that potential clients have questions about data protection and confidentiality, so we openly answer them on our FAQ page.  We are fully insured with both Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance, plus we are Registered with the ICO and follow safe online marketing practices. 

However, as our clients are also business owners and we often need to take a look under their business hood. This means there are additional things we need to consider and implement, as needed, to preserve the protection and confidentiality of their business data.  Here is a quick overview of what those things are.

Working with data protection for confidential clients

When it comes to protecting data and confidentiality in business, it isn’t just about protecting against data leaks. Discretion plays a huge part in what we do, too. Often we are working with confidential clients and clients in confidential niches, so it is crucial that we are hot on protecting their data and reputation! This means we can’t even discuss the industry they may work in or the type of work we do for them. 

Clients will often ask us to sign NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) and we will happily do so, to preserve the levels of confidentiality they expect of us. As an added security measure, we also take all of our clients through an onboarding process. This includes the signing of a contract to ensure they know exactly where they stand and what standards of business we will work to.

Software implications when working with clients

The software we use has to be of the highest quality and with the strongest of protection. If you’re sharing files and passwords you need to ensure there isn’t going to be a breach in that data. If any data gets intercepted, you need to ensure no one else is able to access or read it. This is why we use password management software and encrypted file protocols. 

Different business niches may need additional data protection security measures

Depending on the type of client we work with, we also have to be aware of any additional security measures that need to be taken into account. This is especially pertinent when our clients work with children, other people’s finances, and social or mental health industries. Each of these services are regulated and require additional security measures to be implemented, prior to and during any work we carry out.

No matter what type of business you are in your reputation is everything – and no more so than in a rural business community. Here at Witts End Business Services we totally understand why this is so important. That’s why we will always ensure we are hot on data protection and utilising strict guidelines to ensure confidentiality in business and for all of our clients – no matter where they are based or what type of industry they are in.

FSB Membership

As a small business owner if you are a member of the FSB one of the benefits of membership as mentioned on the FSB Website is that members are covered by a Data and Cyber liability insurance policy.  Further details on this can be found on the FSB website.

If you’re wondering how Witts End Business Services can help you, why not head on over to our support page? You will find information on our services, along with prices and, when you’re ready you’ll find our contact information there too!

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