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As a busy solo business owner, effective diary management may not be top of your priority list. But it’s one of those administrative tasks that can really help you. Manage your diary well and you’ll find yourself better organised and more productive, manage it badly and you’ll find yourself stressed and limiting your potential for business growth.

Diary management is one of those tasks you can easily hand over to a Virtual PA or Virtual Assistant. That enables you to focus on those tasks that only you can do. But if you don’t currently have a PA or VA and are wondering how to get more effective with your diary management, here are some tips that will help you manage your diary like a pro.

Advance plan for better diary management

Set aside time to effectively plan out your week. This includes working out your to do list, prioritising your meetings and managing your goals. When you plan in advance, you’re able to ensure nothing is forgotten and can visualise what your week will look like so you can be better prepared. 

Make use of your natural energy levels

Do you find yourself raring to go in the morning or do you take a while to warm up? Get to know what your natural energy levels look like, so you can plan your diary to suit. Whether you plan a simple task first thing, or get that beast of a task out of the way first, it’s all down to your natural energy levels and working to your natural patterns.

Group tasks and time for improved diary management

Time block for better diary management and productivity. Look to group similar tasks together and then block chunks of time to work on them. Typical examples include grouping creative design work together, blocking half a day for coaching calls, or blocking off a couple of hours for training.

Colour code for visual impact

This is a great tip if you are a visual person. Whether you colour code the different tasks you do or opt for colour coding by level of importance, it helps you visualise your day at a glance. It’s also a good way to recognise where your energy and time are going during your working week.

Write detailed notes

Don’t store important information in your head – it’s a surefire way of forgetting things! So write detailed notes on each of your diary entries, including meeting agendas, client notes, topic or theme, as well as the contact details for the host and other attendees.

Create gaps in your schedule

Gaps are essential in your schedule. They give you time to breathe and decompress after a meeting, help switch your mind onto the next task, and also give you a little downtime. Many entrepreneurs struggle to switch off and take adequate breaks throughout their working day and this can have a negative effect on work, health and wellbeing, so if you want to create a better work-life balance, plan gaps into your schedule!

Go short rather than long

As referenced in this Forbes article, get to the point and minimise time wastage by keeping meetings short. There’s no point prolonging time at a meeting, if you know you’re no longer adding value to it. It’s actually rude to make someone stay and waste their time – so keep it short, focused and to the point.

Get professional help to manage your diary

Handing your diary management over to a Virtual PA or VA is a smart investment. It not only helps you free up your time, it enables better coordination between your diary and your obligations, plus a VA/PA can help streamline your engagements and even manage your emails too!

So if you’re thinking of outsourcing your diary management to a Virtual PA/VA, why not get in touch? Let’s discuss potential solutions to suit your needs – simply drop me an email at hello@wittsendbusinessservices.co.uk to take that first step towards better diary management!