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Four Reasons Why a Freelance PA/VA can Support Your Business

If you are a small business owner/sole trader, like myself you will no doubt have been running your business single-handedly up until now and might ask yourself – “When my business is doing well why do I need a Freelance PA/VA?”

Below are  four ways how a Freelance PA/VA can provide you with business support

Use your time more effectively

Do you feel as if you are juggling things? Having taken on board a multitude of things to read/work on in starting and running your business, some things of which you may feel are not that necessary.

Is your “Admin List” growing and then your best laid plans when the opportunity to look at your “Admin List” gets put on the back burner.

Some extra back office administrative business support to assist your business, will give you improved time management to concentrate on your core business.

Would you like to work your ideal work hours? – Sometimes not that feasible.

As a business owner myself I can understand that you may not be working the hours which you would prefer.  Initially when  starting my business, I wished to have a more flexible lifestyle by being able to enjoy time with the family by working part time?

This does not always happen no matter how many hours you work, you can only achieve a certain amount in the time you work and cope with so much work, before you need a break. I can sympathise, running a business can be hard, and sometimes it helps to focus on tasks that you need and want to do – and outsource the rest.

An Improved Work Life Balance

Do you feel that you sometimes you are not sleeping may be due to worrrying about problems as a business owner?

Having a good work/life balance is a balancing act and not easy to achieve, as I have found as well with my business.

It is very easy to “burn the candle at both ends” as they say, if you are working too hard and not taking care of yourself.

Assistance of a Freelance PA/VA will help you achieve a better work-life balance. 

What would your Clients do without you?

At the beginning, like myself you probably decided to go into business because you had a passion for something.  Whether providing a service or producing a product, it’s what you’re good at.   It is very important that your clients can see your expertise and passion therefore you may need some support..

All of your back-office business support can be handled competently and efficiently.  Either with a Freelance PA/Virtual Assistant to support your business, or by outsourcing some work to a specialist.

It is not just your clients that deserve the best of you – but your family and business do as well.