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Whether you’re on a slow wind down to Christmas now or facing your busiest period of the year, there are certain things you need to cover before Christmas. That can lead to more tasks on your plate just when you don’t need or want them! 

But it’s also the perfect time to hand more over to your Virtual Personal Assistant, so they can help you get organised before the Christmas period. Because no matter what type of business you’re in, there’s a good chance you will take some time out – that means being prepared and organised in advance, so you can enjoy your break away.

So if you’re wondering what type of things you need to cover before the Christmas break, here’s a summary.

Organisational tasks to cover before Christmas

This varies, depending on the type of business you have. Broadly speaking though, this includes things like finishing and closing projects, planning goals for the next quarter and allocating tasks ready to start strongly when you return. 

If you want to get ahead with your marketing, you could always have your Virtual Personal Assistant create and schedule your content and social media for the first week or two you’re back. This will help build in a natural buffer of content, so you’re not up against the clock every week with your content.

Christmas card and gift organisation

One essential task before Christmas is deciding whether you’re sending cards and gifts to clients. If you’re sending gifts, why not get your Virtual Assistant to source suitable gifts and post them for you? They could also create and run a mail merge from your mailing list, to ensure every client receives a card.

Another option is to donate the money you’d otherwise have spent on cards and gifts to charity. Your Assistant can help find a suitable charity and create a newsletter and/or PR to help share your wishes with your audience.

Personal Christmas buying tasks

Of course we all have our personal Christmas tasks to get done too, and this is something else you can get some help with! It’s difficult finding the time to source suitable gifts for your loved ones, let alone get them wrapped and posted. So hand this over to your Assistant too. They can research and produce a short list of ideas for those people you need to buy for and also source those items that are on your loved one’s Christmas list.

Communicating your availability and opening times

Good communication is essential in business and it’s no different when communicating your Christmas opening hours. Your clients needplenty of time to book in calls and create realistic deadlines during the Christmas period. They can only do this if they know your availability. Because as we all know, not everyone will take time off at the same time as you – and some will try to push boundaries during this period too. So get your Assistant to create some social media graphics, update your website and send out emails and letters to clients giving them plenty of notice of your intentions.

Simple notes and guidance for when you return after Christmas

If you want to start strongly when you return, it’s also a good idea to create simple notes and guidance in advance. It’s easy to forget things when you switch off for Christmas – from intended goals through to specific tasks and impending deadlines – so get everything in order before you close for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a Virtual Personal Assistant to help you with those things you need to cover before Christmas, why not reach out? Let’s have an informal chat about your needs and see if we’re a good fit for each other – you’ll find my contact information here.