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Sometimes when I am looking for unique gift ideas from Witts End, for clients,  it can be challenging trying to find something different.

Whether it is a Christmas or another festive occasion, gift hunting can be  time consuming.  Not only do you want your gift to signify something, but to convey the time and effort in its selection.  Of course, that means something that is appropriate for your needs.   So how do you find that unique gift?

When suggesting unique gift ideas from Witts End, we can suggest gift websites that suit both your client and personal needs.  Each of these sites offers a  range of gifts.  This enables our clients to source  gifts for themselves.

I have personally purchased from the websites outlined below.  I  feel they offer unique gift ideas that are suitable for your client needs, as well as a special treat for yourself !

Plooms Fountain Pens

Plooms was set up by Sally Page and offers a unique range of traditional fountain pens, in a fantastic range of colours.  I have purchased several pens,  the opportunity to write with a good Plooms pen is a super one.   I feel the pens are a good weight for writing.  If you are a person who enjoys the traditional and personal touch of writing with a fountain pen, Plooms is well worth a visit.

Bloom & Wild

Deciding on a unique gift idea doesn’t mean you do not have to send flowers.    Bloom & Wild offer an interesting range of flowers for various occasions. My favourite is their Letterbox Flowers service.  This gives you the opportunity to send a selection of flowers by post to a client or family member, with the peace of mind that their gift will be safely delivered through their letterbox.  I have used them on several occasions for sending flowers and have alwasy received positive feedback from the recipient.

Perfect Presence

Perfect Presence is a family-run, local company founded by Patricia Holloway. They offer a wonderful range of  gift solutions for family and friends, from handbags, jewellery, through to mugs and furniture – some of which are quite unusual.  Suitable for a variety of different occasions.  I feel that Perfect Presence is an excellent, one-stop gift solution if you are looking for something special.

Colville & Gibbs

Colville & Gibbs are a Wiltshire based company that produces unique, handcrafted books.  Each item is lovingly created, great attention paid to its detail and is unique.  Books can be personalised.  Every effort is made to use recycled materials and minimise paper/leather waste.  I have personally purchased several handmade books, each book handcrafted both for myself and friends.    If you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone, for a special occasion, who enjoys writing a journal, undertaking a specific project and looking to document their findings, then Colville & Gibbs is the place to look.

Downswood Alpacas

Downswood Alpacas are idyllically located on the edge of Salisbury Plain.  If you are looking for a “hands on” Alpaca experience, then Downswood is the place to visit.  Clare and Mark Smallman at Downswood Alpacas, can offer you a variety of Alpaca activities:-

  • Meet & Walk the Alpacas
  • A Day Visit
  • Meet the Alpacas, Craft Workshop with Optional Walk
  • Mini Visit 

The “Alpaca Team” are made up of five male alpacas, who are the walking team.

I have spent time with the alpacas, participated in an Alpaca Craft Workshop and an Alpaca Walk.  A truly amazing, rewarding and brilliant experience.   The alpacas are real characters.  Highly recommended.

Woodland Trust

If you are looking to help with climate change and the environment, the Woodland Trust is an extremely useful reference point if you are looking for a unique gift to help the environment.  I have recently purchased several hedging plants from the Woodland Trust and was amazed by their diverse range of Trees one can purchase with plenty of advise as well.  In addition they have a very interesting online shop offering Virtual Gifts as well and a good selection of other gift ideas.

Wallace Lettering

One thing that I have always wanted to try is Calligraphy writing.  Wallace Lettering is a website that I have just discovered, whilst looking for Christmas gifts.  At the time of writing this it is October, somewhat early.   I was very pleased when I discovered Wallace Lettering also have a Beginners Calligraphy Starter Kit which one can purchase as well as other Workshops on Calligraphy  An ideal website for look at for anyone who is interested in Calligraphy.

Having personally purchased from the above, I think they offer bespoke and unique gift solutions that suit any of your gifting needs – regardless of the event.   They also enable you to treat yourself to a little special something special too!

Any questions regarding the unique gift ideas from Witts End, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email: Hello@wittsendbusinessservices.co.uk